Safety has never been
so simple

Hootie is perfect for on-the-go safety, with a 130 decibel alarm and LED strobe light that create a diversion and quickly alert people around you. The Hootie alarm is designed to easily hook to your keychain or bag and can be activated with a simple pull of the pin.


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Emergencies can happen anywhere. Hootie is the perfect companion around town, on the trail, across campus or out at night, with a battery that lasts a year and durable, impact-resistant plastic that can withstand extreme conditions.
- Fits in your hand & clips to anything
- Discrete & stylish to stand out
- Noise can run for 30-40 minutes
  HEIGHT: 3.94 inches
  WIDTH: 1.18 inches
  DEPTH: .59 inches
  WEIGHT: .93 onces
  Hootie is compact enough to fit on your keychain or in your purse.