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5 Powerful Women Who Made Themselves Heard

There are countless inspiring stories of women who are speaking out loudly regarding women’s safety—some of whom have experienced violence directly, against loved ones, or in communities that are near and dear to their hearts. These determined women range from oppressed women living in third-world countries to U.S. celebrities who are fighting back and inciting […]

Protecting Your Kids with a Personal Safety Device

Personal safety and attacks are almost always considered an adult concern, especially for women. Women are cautioned about running or hiking alone, walking to their cars in a dark parking lot, traveling solo, and countless other scenarios where they might be considered an easy target.   However, there is another demographic that is equally at-risk […]

8 Awesome Owl Facts

The owl is one of the most fascinating creatures to ever exist, with its unique characteristics making it a centuries-old symbol of wisdom, strength and resilience. For these reasons, it’s common for U.S. high schools to adopt the owl as their mascot, companies to use the owl in their marketing, and movies to feature them […]

7 Things Women Should Look for in a Self-Defense Class

Although not as exciting as hiking Kilimanjaro or floating through the sky in a hot air balloon, participating in a self-defense class should be on everyone’s bucket list. It might not rise to the top of your must-do list, but self-defense classes teach critical skills that could come in handy when you least expect it—and […]

How to Avoid Looking Like an Easy Target

It takes just seven seconds for a criminal to identify their next target. In that incredibly short span of time, they quickly analyze your body language and surrounding environment to determine if you’re a viable victim.   Police officers, investigators, and FBI agents have studied criminal patterns for years in an effort to educate the […]

Personal Safety Devices: Weighing the Pros and Cons of Each

We live in a world of “better safe than sorry,” and while that saying applies to various circumstances, personal safety is most definitely one of them. Whether you’re a young female navigating a college campus, or a senior citizen enjoying fresh air on a daily walk, it’s smart to have some form of protection within […]

Essential Wilderness Gear for Your Next Hike

When packing gear for a hiking adventure, many essentials immediately come to mind such as water, food, first aid kit, and bug spray. However, the type of hike you’ve challenged yourself with is a critical consideration in what you pack and what you wear. For example, an easy 2-mile hike on a heavily-trafficked trail won’t […]

College Campus Safety Tips

If you’re a parent sending your child off to college for the first time this fall, your mind is likely plagued with many concerns—among them being your child’s safety. Leaving the protection of parents, home and a community of familiar faces can be overwhelming for both you and them.   In addition to parents, female […]